Monday, February 7, 2011

Breakfast Joints: Maui

So you want a yummy breakfast on vacation, and the $30 buffet at the resort was not exactly what you had in mind.

What, you have a problem with warm-ish eggs benedict and cold-ish oatmeal? But it's ALL YOU CAN EAT.

Still no?

Alright then.

A few of my favorites, while my personal faves are heavy on meat, these places do have veg options:

North Shore Cafe, Haiku. On the road to Hana? Pull over. Just a mile from the Hana Hwy, a few yards past the Kokomo/Haiku Road intersection.
$5.75 steak and eggs.
Crab Latkes with bearnaise sauce for $8.08
So I'll see you there, then?

Bistro 808, Kihei. Directly across the street from the beach, in a cool, shady, open air, indoors/outdoors locale. I have a secret: I hate omelets. No, wait, that's not true. I hate crispy brown eggs, so I don't usually eat omelets because too often, the eggs are brown. But the eggs are not brown here, and the curry omelet and short rib omelet are two of the most amazing omelets ever.


And they have homemade banana bread and a bloody mary bar. I know. Blows my mind.

Lahaina Coolers, Lahaina. I'll be honest: I get the same thing every time. BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING. Corned Beef Hash. They make it there. They make it from scratch with real beef. It is not a pile of fried mush. And they have a hot sauce they make themselves from scratch too. Try and get them to sell you a bottle - they might. Best Souvenir Ever.

There are tons of other places I haven't mentioned, and even more for brunch (Oh, Mala Oceanfront Tavern in Lahaina, I love you so) remember that you can always ask for more suggestions in the comments section.

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